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Insurance companies have long been  useful business companies.  individuals and businesses from financial loss. In the past,  companies that sold products and services relied on salespeople. However, the company recently switched to automation using AI-powered chatbots. 
 Chatbot is a PC application designed to simulate communication with people via text or voice interfaces. They are used in many industries as a way to serve customers around the clock, and they no longer need to hire additional staff. Chatbots can be used by insurance companies as a similar revenue stream that potential customers will always use, no matter what time zone or language they live in. 
 Businesses must purchase insurance in a way that avoids financial loss. They must be prepared for natural disasters, terrorism and other hazards. Insurance companies offer a variety of insurance products along with property insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance. 
 The insurer's role  is to assess the threat and provide an estimate of the amount of coverage it deems appropriate based solely on the assessment. 
 Insurance has been an outdated business company  for centuries. This is a topic that has changed dramatically over the past few decades. With the development of the Internet, obtaining insurance premiums and purchase certificates has become much easier. 
 Insurance companies need to be more customer-oriented and more efficient. Companies are constantly working on new tactics to improve customer service and make it easier for customers to purchase insurance products online or over the phone. 
 Insurance companies can use AI to collect and process statistics for underwriting,  threat accounting, and claims investigation. 
: Insurance companies use artificial intelligence for multiple tactics. One way is to use  AI for insurance. Insurance is an approach that proactively analyzes threats involving individuals or organizations rather than issuing policies. This can be done by collecting statistical data about age, gender, occupation, and medical history.  AI can also be used to calculate threats using its ability to judge future sports in connection with accidents or natural disasters. Finally, it can be used to investigate claims through automated shop floor drawing processing  and  fraud or error checking.

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If you have any doubts please let me know.

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