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 opposed  IPO of state-owned insurance company LIC has been ongoing for several months. 
 This waiting may end within the next 12 weeks. 
 His project has already been sent to SEBI. 
 Retail traders' eyes  are primarily focused on this IPO of government-backed companies. 
 Market experts think that retail traders for this IPO are amazing opportunities for supplying cash in the market. 
 Linz suggested that this suggested IPO's reservation and affordable price was submitted. 
 LIC Insurance contractor announced FAQ that receives the benefits of this reservation and  price reduction, and is not now. 
 There was an attempt to answer all  the questions of the insured quiz that can be on the LIC website. After the 
 transaction declaration, the request attracts the heart of the person who receives the advantage of the IPO transaction even if there is a range of covering the children's calling. 
 When insuring a minor, it is stated that  the proposer is considered the policyholder. 
 Thus, anyone who provides coverage can become the policyholder and use the  reservation. 
 One such question is whether each  husband and spouse can get reservation benefits if there is joint coverage. 
 In response, the LIC said it could oversee some of the highest-priced reservations among 
 Other affiliates may see the general retail category. 
 This IPO saved a rate of 10 %% for insurance holders. 
 They can even reduce the land prices some. However, there are several important situations for transactions in IPO LIC. 
 It is for a hyperlink with a scope of the application to use the scope of the scope of the scope of the exception and the category of the exception and the category of the 
 This picture can be completed on the LIC website. 
 His closed date ends on February 28th. 
 After this binding, you will  no longer receive the benefits of transactions. 
 It is also important to have a Damier account that the insured has a call.

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If you have any doubts please let me know.

If you have any doubts please let me know.

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