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LIC IPO will be launched on 10 March 2022, Life Insurance Corporation of India will launch its IPO on 10 March 2022, see complete information about LIC IPO issue price, LIC IPO price also likely to change

 All the investors who keep investing in different places, then they keep waiting for the opening of IPO of big companies so that they can get For those investors who want to get a good profit by investing, then IPO is being launched 

 It is being told that LIC IPO will be launched in the coming few days, after which investors will be able to invest in it easily.  Next, we give you complete information about LIC Street Buzz IPO.

 According to the recent information given by LIC, it has been learned that the LIC IPO that people are eagerly waiting for, then that IPO can be launched on 10 March 2022. After which the investors will be in this issue on 14 March 2022.  Can bid till  According to the news, it has been learned that the size of the issue of LIC can be around Rs 75,000 crore.

 When the IPO will be launched by LIC, its price can be between 2000 to 2100 rupees.  Let us tell you that LIC has not officially announced the date of opening of IPO.  This information has been given only by the government that LIC IPO can be launched on 

 16 crore shares will be kept in reserve by LIC for all its policyholders.  At present LIC has 3 83 million policy holders.  LIC company will now try its best to make the policy holder an investor through its Registered Agents so that along with the company, the policy holders can also get profit.

 At least 10% discount will be given by LIC to the policy holders and employees of the company on the issue price, while retail investors will be given a discount of 

 It is also reported that a road show has been started by the government with the investors for the issue.  Apart from this, investors who are aware of the IPO have also informed that the IPO prices can also be changed depending on the ability of the investors.

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