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LIC IPO Out of about13. stocks can be reserved for the policyholders of LIC and five percentage for the employees of the 
 LIC IPO Investors are eagerly staying for the IPO of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), the country`s biggest coverage The authorities goes to vend approximately five percentage stake in LIC via IPO. According to the draft crimson herring prospectus (DRHP) filed via way of means of LIC on February 13, the authorities intends to vend fairness stocks of Rs 10 face cost via this IPO. sixty two crore stocks provided for change withinside the IPO, 10 percentage of the stocks can be reserved for the policyholders of LIC and five percentage for the employees of the  In this manner, crores of policyholders of LIC have a hazard to use for this IPO. Piecemeal from this, a discount of 10 percentage is likewise expected on the difficulty fee. According to a Bloomberg report, the difficulty fee of LIC can be among Rs and Rs. 
 who can follow 
 Still, additionally you have to satisfy sure situations for this, If you are a policyholder and need to use below the policyholders share. 
 The coverage have to had been disbursed for your call on or earlier than February 13, 2022. 
 Visage need to be connected with the coverage. The closing date for linking coverage and Visage card is February 28. 
 Piecemeal from this, you need to have a demat account for your call. 
 Through a demat account, a policyholder can make investments as much as Rs 2 lakh below the policyholders` share.  pool for retail investors. In this manner he can follow for optimum funding of Rs four lakh. 
 Who can't follow 
 reserved for LIC policyholders consist of appointees, humans getting into subvention after the demise and NRI (NonResident Indian) policyholders. 
 In case of not unusualplace lifestyles packages, think each the policyholders are eligible, however if the policyholder does not have a demat account or isn't always the primary holder of a not unusualplace demat account, additionally he additionally can't follow for this IPO. 
 Policyholders whose packages had been disbursed after February 13, 2022 are not eligible to use in opposition to policyholders' share. Even policyholders whose 
  coverage is not always associated with a Visage card can no longer  use less than this percentage.

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If you have any doubts please let me know.

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