Pri Choice
 ury currently has proposed to reserve 10 of the LIC's full IPO period for bidding for policyholders. 
 As an insured, what would you use for a LIC IPO? 
 Additionally, NRIs managed by LICs may no longer act on shares reserved for policyholders and may have no fixed time limits for policyholders to use at the policyholder's direction. 
  Visage is linked to LIC content. Make sure Visage is linked to your LIC content. 
  Account Demat. I want to use my Demat account for my IPO LIC. 
 - Remaining days to replace Visage with LIC gates - 28 February 2022. 
 Grow offers 100 unlinked accounts with no additional account fees. 
 It then lists the LIC IPO words that policyholders need to know. February 2022 may be used as directed by the policyholder. 
: People who contributed LIC content after February 13th will no longer receive the 10 policy share benefit. 
 HYPERLINK SOVEREEKS with LIC CONTENT LIC Procenters is recommended that the content is connected to the enclosure. However, the software can reject the software in case you perform Podasses that performs a groove that does not have a groove that is not related to LIC content. However, the insured person should consider that the remaining date of the hyperlink content of vitality should be considered February 28, February 28, 2022. 
 LISECTABLE The politician connecting the content to appearance after this cutoff date is no longer the right to reserve for 10 stocks for the insurance worker. 
 General Content Owner Rules "For general insureders, each insurance contractor is provided, so each insurance contractor can exercise one by one as the same content of the same content. IIFL Beauty Securities 
 Total Demat Accounts "One IPO software can be sent from a Demat account. 
 For Lic ProcessHolder, it is recommended that you verify that the Demat Number One Demat's owner is used or for the owner of Demat Number One Demat, if you have a Demat COMMON account. 
 ANUJ GUPTA IIFL Securities The account owner of the second horsepower of the Securities has no longer be able to practice LIC IPO in the order of insurers. 
 All the conversations for 10-week sharing except for the Association rules Insurance contractors have the right to use grooves using all insurance coefficient orders, and satisfied various conditions. 
 NRC with LIC rules can no longer reserve appropriate shares for insurance companies, Doctors that use can not have Cinchin's duration. 

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If you have any doubts please let me know.

If you have any doubts please let me know.

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