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The LIC Kanyadan Plan is a complete and thoughtful plan for the sustainable survival of our daughters. Restricted to a limited upper class, they provide guidance and safety to secure their daughters' destiny, education, and marriage plans. Our initiative is to help families and financially guide them to control what their daughters spend to achieve their dreams. This is truly a wonderful gift to our beloved daughters, a wonderful medicine for the family, and the most important financial support for the higher destiny and happiness of our daughters.This plan is a single-money plan for the well-being of our daughters. This way, you can easily pay for your daughter's living expenses by investing in a fund with a much smaller class size, helping with tuition and marriage. What are the blessings of the LIC Kanyadan plan? Ensuring the fate of a daughter is one of the most important wishes of parents. Here, LIC brings the politics of Kanyadan  to  our daughter and ourselves, giving her financial freedom and helping her with her education, marriage and other important events. The blessings of this plan are: 
 It is a earnings endowment guarantee plan with a restricted top class paying time period 
 Premium paying time period is 3 years much less than the coverage time period 
 Flexible modes of paying the top class 
 In case of loss of life of a policyholder earlier than the adulthood, 10% of the primary sum confident can be given on every coverage anniversary earlier than the adulthood date 
 Provides Rs. 10 lakhs in case of loss of life of the policyholder 
 Provide top class waiver in case of loss of life of policyholder earlier than the adulthood of the coverage 
 Are there any tax blessings towards LIC Under the tax exemption regulation of India, it's far a taxunfastened coverage. There are 
 tax blessings to offer: Firstly, The tax advantage of Rs. 1,50,000 beneathneath eighty C may be availed through paying top class, and Secondly, Under Section 10 (10D), Maturity sum is likewise taxunfastened.  
The coverage may be sold through the daddy of the daughter simplest and now no longer the daughter herself. Daughters must be at least 12 months old at the time of signing up for Dad's insurance. What is the age limit for LIC Kanyadan? The minimum age to purchase insurance is 18 years old and the maximum age to purchase insurance is 50 years old. What is the duration of the LIC Kanyadan ban? Coverage is from 13 to 25 years. What files do I need to purchase the LIC Kanyadan plan? You will need the  following files  
 Age, address and ID 
 proof of income 
 Adar Map 
 passport length photo 
 Suggestion form 
 girl's birth certificate 
 Can I take advantage of the Demand Confirmation or Draft 
  Kanyadan Mortgage Yes, you can get a mortgage as long as your insurance is active and you are paying the highest level of pay for 3 consecutive years.Additional benefits or requirements cannot be accepted if the insured commits suicide within one year of obtaining coverage.  What is the highest level of payment frequency? Top Class can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on eligibility. Is this coverage  for NRI citizens?  Yes, this scheme should be available to  Indian citizens as well as NRI citizens. What are the benefits of leaving the LIC Kanyadan plan? Yes, you can opt out of coverage after paying premiums for at least 3 years. Abandonment cost is the total top cost paid plus all rider blessings.

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If you have any doubts please let me know.

If you have any doubts please let me know.

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