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Because Maryland is one of the most expensive states for car insurance in the United States,  drivers in this state can have a hard time finding suitable insurance. Our team of experts conducted a 
 study to determine the best auto insurance in Maryland. 
 Our team carefully researched the cost, coverage, reliability and service of 
 several major service providers in  Maryland. USAA, Erie Insurance, and Progressive are the best choices for Maryland drivers. We recommend comparing auto insurance quotes from several major providers to find the  best auto insurance quote for your situation. 
 Affordable Auto Insurance in Maryland 
 Our estimates show that Maryland drivers can usually find the cheapest auto insurance in USAA, Progressive, and Erie. Here is a list of the cheapest auto insurance providers by state average. 
 How much is car insurance in Maryland? 
 The average cost of full auto insurance in Maryland is $2270 per year. Compared to an average of $1,932 per year, Maryland drivers pay about 14% more per year. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Maryland was the 12th most expensive state for car insurance in 2018. They are considered at higher risk because they have no driving experience and the percentage is higher. Gender: Men tend to pay more for car insurance than women. 
 Marital Status: Most married drivers, on average, pay lower premiums and receive higher family or package discounts. 
 Driving History: Speeding tickets, accident reports and drunk driving can reduce your chances of getting cheap auto insurance. Those with a clean driving record can save the most  on insurance, 
. Credit Score: In most states, drivers with low credit scores pay significantly more than 
 for car insurance  than drivers with good credit scores. Level of Coverage: Full coverage auto insurance costs more than government minimum liability insurance. 
 Cheapest Auto Insurance in Maryland: Young Drivers 
 Insurance for young drivers is usually more expensive because of their lack of experience. Our analysis team found that 24-year-old insurance was, on average, nearly 20% more expensive than 35-year-old insurance. 
 Cheapest  Maryland Auto Insurance: Speeding Fines A 
  speeding ticket can significantly increase the cost of auto insurance. Our analysis team found that  for those who had 4,444 speeding tickets on their driving record, their car insurance premiums could increase by more than 15%. 
  Cheapest Auto Insurance in Maryland: Recent Accidents 
 auto insurance premiums are significantly higher than the average of Maryland drivers involved in 
 auto accidents. Our analysis team found that 4,444 accident insurers paid about 37% more than good drivers. 
 Maryland Auto Insurance: Low Credit Score 
 Maryland's low credit score 
 can have a serious impact on the cost of car insurance. Our team found that  bad credit  and 
 bad credit drivers paid about 42% more for 
 auto insurance with good credit for the same  
  auto insurance. In Maryland based on value, guaranteed options, customer service and reliability. Whether you're in Baltimore, Annapolis, or elsewhere in the state, USAA 
  thinks this is a great  auto insurance option. Erie, Progressive, Geico, and State Farm are also smart choices for Maryland drivers. 
 *Our research team rates auto insurance companies based on national factors. The order of insurers in this table applies only to auto insurance in Maryland. 
 USAA, the 5th largest auto insurance company in the United States, is Maryland's premier choice for auto insurance. Our team was also named Best Military Equipment Supplier in the 2022 Industry Survey. Coverage under US 
  is only available to military personnel, veterans and their families, but is a good choice for those who qualify. 
 USAA continues to offer the lowest average rates for many types of drivers. Maryland drivers can save even more with auto insurance, great  package deals for renters and homeowners, and discounts for families, students, and teenage drivers. 
 has been providing high quality 
 auto insurance  since 1925. It offers  the best average rates at 
 and is a particularly good choice for those looking to guarantee 
 young drivers in 
 Maryland. In addition to the competitive price of the 
, the insurer is known for its comprehensive coverage options. 
 Erie has a positive reputation in the insurance industry with an A+ AM best financial health rating and an A+ BBB rating. The company also took second place at the JD Power 2021 US. Automatic payment satisfaction survey: 801 points out of 1000℠. 
 More information about this provider can be found in our Erie Insurance review. 
 Our screening team ranked Progressive #1 in the National High-Risk Drivers Rankings and was recognized as the company that provided the best coverage based on usage in 2022. 
 Progressive also has an A+ Financial Strength rating of 
 from AM Best and an A+ rating from 
 BBB. This provider is available in all 50 states and offers accident  and rupture insurance.  Read our Progressive Insurance review to learn more about the 
 insurance company. With a score of 4,444 for America's Best Service Provider, Geico is also one of the top recommendations for Maryland drivers. Overall, the company offers fairly competitive auto insurance, but is a particularly good option for students and military personnel. Geico was awarded an A+ AM Best Financial Strength rating for its ability to securely pay 4,444 insurance claims. The company also has an A+ rating of 
 State Farm is a great Maryland 
 auto insurance option, especially for student and teenage drivers. Our review team has young drivers and many.

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