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You go - boom. Whether it's your fault or someone else's fault, getting into a car accident isn't the happiest thing anyway. 
: Panic conditions can start quickly  and it can be difficult to make smart decisions and know how to respond after a car accident or car crash. 
 I hope you are not in such a difficult situation, but traffic accidents happen more often than you  think. The best way to protect yourself is to know how to prepare and respond at the scene of an accident. 
 Once you become familiar with these basic steps, you will feel much more confident when standing on the roadside after a car accident. 
 report to the police 
 When you are able to stop or exit your vehicle in a safe place, contact the police or  local authorities to  properly document the accident. If you are injured or need auto damage insurance, you must provide evidence of what happened. 

  Safety check and injury management 
 Check  the security of all parties involved. If your injury requires immediate medical attention, call an ambulance. If you have been traumatized but are not sure to what extent it is, you can seek further guidance from an injury attorney, such as a  Palm Beach injury attorney. Injuries only appear hours or days after an accident, so you may want to consider calling a personal injury attorney anyway. 
 Incident Documentation 
 Make sure the incident is well documented in several ways. If you are involved in an accident,  other drivers have good reason to ask for their name, address and license plate number. 
 Then look at what happened and ask if any witnesses would like to make a statement. Exchange information with these witnesses. 
 You should also ask the medical officer to photograph the scene of the incident, document as much as possible what happened, and obtain a copy of the incident report for your records. 

 Call your insurance company 
 Since you've already called a personal injury attorney at this point, you should now contact your insurance company and report the accident. We can help start a grievance process that can be time consuming. If you start before it's too late, we'll get a rental car and cover the cost of repairs if needed. 
 call trip 
 If your vehicle is in poor condition or unsafe to drive, you can order a tow truck to pick it up on site. You should call someone you trust  and have them drive you  home if your vehicle has had any visible damage. 
 Car Accident Next Steps 
 There are a few other things you need to do after coming out of the accident scene before putting everything in bed. If you are injured, see your doctor  and stay in touch with your insurance company and lawyer to protect your rights.

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If you have any doubts please let me know.

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